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🚧 Work in Progress 🚧

Hey, I'm Minakami (ミナカミ), a somewhat half-baked creative developer.

Here is my portfolio, which is also my blog.

As always, it's a way for me to express myself, and you can get to know me quickly through this page.

I create things based on some life inspirations that are not thoroughly considered because usually, during the process of creation, I start pondering their significance. As a result, most of them remain unfinished. It's not that I abandon them; I'll see them through to the end because doing so feels more romantic.

Why do I only start pondering their significance midway? Because I'm a fool, and fools don't need to ponder too much.

※ I don't have social media accounts because my virtual friends on the internet told me:「SNSが世界の全てじゃないよ」.

My Interests

With them, the pumpkin carriage and the magic kiss are no longer necessary.

  • Ball-jointed Dolls
  • Egocentric Creation
  • Crafting Virtual Worlds

Things I want to do next

  • Learn 2D character design and animation
  • Sound effects in web applications

What content do I post here?

I post anything related to creativity (in English/Japanese).

I respect everyone's unique perspectives and differences, hence I refrain from commenting on any real-life individuals.

I hope this portfolio hasn't harmed anyone. If it has, please contact me via email for removal.

Why did I create this portfolio?

I have AvPD, rendering me unable to express myself candidly in real life. Hence, I seek an identity in the virtual world. I aim to express myself through creation in this virtual world. I'm not talking about Role-play, XR, and Web 3; I'm not confined by the form of the virtual world. This portfolio is also a part of my virtual world. I know I've written a lot of unorthodox things here for a portfolio, making me seem like a cynical rebellious teenager. But I've only done so because I'm a fool. I hope this can be a world that serves the character setting, where even commemorating the anniversary of the little match girl's death isn't unusual. Please forgive my foolishness. (> <)

I enjoy exploring the internet where there are many excellent works. Every time I see them, I am excited about their amazing creations, but it also gives me a unique sense of inferiority. I created this portfolio to gain an inexplicable sense of belonging, as the first step towards becoming a solo-rockstar.

You see, I harbor a delicate, glass-like heart, which is why this portfolio lacks a comment section. However, if the content here proves helpful to you, that's fantastic.

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